USA Football
Posted Feb 24, 2013

2012 brought some national recognition to the Anchor Bay Tars Youth Football program. As part of the "Untouchable As One" campaign, Dick's Sporting Goods displayed this picture in every store around the United States.

The crazy part is how the picture was selected. AB Tars Youth Football had no idea it was going to be used in the campaign until it was selected. The picture was taken by a relative of one of the players, and posted online back in 2008. In 2012 the picture was select by Dick's, but the problem was the picture was on an account online that had not been used in years and there was no name on the online account. Fortunately there were some pictures of a restaurant/bar on the same account. After much debate the Dick's representative went to the restaurant/bar to find out who took the picture and the rest is history.

The picture is of the 2008 Tars Red Freshman Team that posted a 7-1 record and was Co-Champions of the league.